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To paint, for me, is to capture an illusion; to visualise and to capture "anticipation".

In a word it is to portray an atmosphere, even an emotion, and all in a setting which nature provides. Catching that on canvas is what it 's all about.

It's like trying to paint the smell of hot fresh coffee. Those sultry pregnant hours at the end of a hot day, the silent mysterious atmosphere of a misty fen or the brightness and the shadow at the edge of a wood

Always there has to be an animal. Animals break through the non-committedness of a landscape. They add something essential.

Where there is an animal something happens there is drama!

An empty meadow says nothing to me. An alert roebuck in it makes a real difference. I want to paint the tension and the "smell "of such moments.


A private pre-vieuw at our homeadress is welcome every time, please call in advance.

Commissions of your favourite landscapes, shots, or wildlife spots are accepted willingly